Let’s face it chocolate is yummy (well I think so anyway. Milk or dark chocolate are both delicious. The fact that chocolate is so yummy means we can overlook how much we consume daily, forgetting it is a source of calories. It’s been said certain types of chocolate can be good for you but you need to know which ones provide the most nutrients and least fat and sugars.

Milk and Dark Chocolate facts

  • Tastes great
  • Milk chocolate is not as good for you as dark chocolate.
  • Milk contains less of the cocoa bean then dark.
  • Milk does contain cocoa solids but is diluted but not completely void of the nutrient.
  • Nutritional quality in milk in minimum compared to dark.
  • Dark chocolate has more of the original cocoa present, higher the cocoa amount the higher nutritional quality.
  • Cocoa is a source of flavonoids which is an antioxidant which is good for you.
  • Dark chocolate has less added sugar and fat.


Flavonoids are found in wine, fruits, vegetables and dark chocolate. Its benefits can include cell damage reduction in heart disease, improvemnet of blood pressure and enhances vitamin C just to name a few. More research on flavonoids still needs to be done to confirm its benefits.

It’s best to pick chocolate that has at least 65% cocoa. Make sure you are still consuming healthy foods not replacing these foods with chocolate. 3 ounces of chocolate daily is recommended if you are going to eat chocolate. Cocoa can also be distributed in your meals to make them taste great instead of having a chocolate bar.

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