Education begins at home. So make it a priority to get your child’s teeth checked before they return back to school. Dental health is very important for every stage of your child’s development. Having regular check-ups prevents sudden tooth aches/pain, it also helps your child’s speech development and to make sure all your child teeth are growing in all the correct places. Kids can also get used to coming to the dentist and so we can keep an eye on what happening in their teeth, as prevention is key.

Establishing and maintaining a good diet and oral hygiene practices during childhood is essential if you want to enjoy good oral health throughout your rest of your life. That’s why it’s important to instil good dental habits in your children from a young age. The best time to do this is before they return to school


A child’s diet plays a big part in there teeth’s health and development. You want to aim to have a well-balanced diet that limits sugars and acid. These two food groups play a huge part in the start of decay. Sugars and acid act as a food for the bacteria that starts early decay and can progress into a hole in your child’s teeth.

Dairy, fruit and vegetables are great for teeth development, but in moderation, as some fruit has very high sugar and acid levels. There are a few easy tips to remember when dealing with your child’s diet.

  • Don’t let your child sip throughout the day on juice, fizzy drinks or milk.
    • While in small amounts milk is great for teeth it isn’t good to be constantly coating their teeth in these sugars. Juice and fizzy drinks are best kept for a one time treat and your child will appreciate them more.
  • Water is the best thing to sip on throughout the day as it has no hidden sugars.

School lunch box tips:

Keep it natural, try keep the processed food as minimal as possible. Processed food have a lot of hidden sugars that your child simply doesn’t need. The best things to pack for example are, fruit, raw vegetables, yogurt, dairy and grains.

Easy healthy lunch box: raw carrot and celery stick, cheese and ham sandwich, apple, blue berries and yogurt.

Unhealthy lunch box: roll ups, biscuits, chocolate yogo, chips and juice box.

Other thing that is important to keep in mind are the following:

  • Regular dental check-ups to make it them a habit
  • Making brushing/ flossing a daily routine
  • Reward good dental habits
  • If your child does have something sweet, get them to rinse out with water straight after as this helps prevent sugar sitting on the teeth.

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